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Anti PeTA stamp by Echofeather Anti PeTA stamp by Echofeather
I haven't submited a lot of art lately -_- sorry DX I've not been inspired

I HATE PETA. I said it. Peta is an animals rights group. Whom I support their motives, but they don't have the intelligance to inact them >_> Let me lay it down for you: if peta controlled the world: no pets, no zoos, no dog shows, no sea world, no kfc, no steak, no horseback riding, no dairy products so no chocolate, no milk, no cheese, no eggs, no feather ANYTHING, no hunting EVEN for population thinning, no animal control, so people would get rabies, soy meat EVERYWHERE, and so much more >_> Peta stands for people for the ethical treatment of animals. But if they put disgusting discriptions and gory games on the KIDS area, what right do they have to spew their "beliefs" about animals.

And bottem line: peta loves animals, hates people. They show people vidoes of people abusing animals. THEY ARE TRYING TO BRAIN WASH YOU. They are like a sect or cult system in that. They relate having a pet to the hollucaust. THAT IS VERY INSULTING TO JEWISH PEOPLE. To have such a grusim event tied to animals. They ripped off super mario brothers and cooking mama btw, but that's besides the point. THEY WANT THE WORLD'S POPULATION TO EAT SOY. Nothing against vegitariens. They lable meat eating people as evil nazis. WHAT THE CRAP. I eat meat, yet have a little cocker spaniel who loves life and my family. I support the enviornment, somehting peta hasn't brought up btw. and I love aninmals. DO I SEEM LIKE A NAZI TO YOU??? Dear God... I mean it, these people are morons. They aren't an animals rights group any more. They are a brainwashing bunch of moronic hypocrits.

They don't ever support humman treatment of pets. They kill most of the animals that get dropped off to them. They don't support anti pet abuse because they don't support having pets. Sheesh. I support groups like the ASPCA.

Thankyou :) Don't start fighting. don't say I'm an ignorant drama queen, person. this isn't politics, and it isn't open for discussion. I'm just saying my opinion.

EDIT: I've disabled comments ^^ I'm hoping to prevent as much drama as possible. No one's really pushed it, but I'm afraid things'll start getting ugly. I'm not trying to force my opinions on anyone.
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January 26, 2009
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